HUGE SUCCESS! 25k people & 16 enviro orgs oppose Kalama methanol!

Environmental and public-health organizations sent a clear message of opposition to the proposed Kalama methanol refinery today with comments submitted on a draft climate report for the project. The organizations, including Columbia Riverkeeper, Sierra Club, Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility, and the Center for Biological Diversity, disputed claims made by the refinery’s backers about the climate benefits of building the world’s largest fracked gas-to-methanol refinery. Over 25,000 comments from the public were submitted in opposition to the methanol refinery.

Read the press release and comments from environmental groups here.

Important rally!!! FEB. 12 in Olympia

Join us at a birthday rally for Governor Inslee and against dirty fracked gas projects threatening Washington state. Plus, we’ll deliver over 130,000 public comments to the Governor’s Office opposing dirty fracked gas projects and eat cupcakes. 

Governor Inslee celebrates his 68th birthday next month. As our “green governor” we want to wish him a happy birthday and send him a birthday wish: make clean energy decisions that protect our health, safety, and climate—don’t lock us into dirty fracked gas export infrastructure.


Listen and Learn!

Investigative journalist Barbara Bernstein produced a radio series focused on exposing the risks of the Kalama methanol refinery.  Follow the links below to learn!

Kalama Methanol And the Chinese Connection            

The World’s Largest Methanol Refinery 

The World’s Largest Methanol Refinery Update

Kalama Methanol Refinery on the Public Dole

Human Rights: Fracking and Climate Change

Sandra Steingraber on Fracking


Methanol = fracked gas

Natural gas, the ingredient used to make methanol, is a clever name for methane, a potent greenhouse gas that is extracted using hydraulic fracturing (fracking), a process famous for polluting water and air. Read about “natural” gas impacts here. 

Learn about the Kalama methanol refinery!

More websites to learn about methanol

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Clean Air Kalama

No eminent domain for Jordan Cove's pipeline! No eminent domain for NWIW's pipeline!

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