Citizens from across Southwest Washington are using local newspapers to spread the word about the sham supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS)


Letter: Stop insanity of methanol plant

Merna Baker Blagg, Vancouver·1 hour ago

I am very concerned about the proposed methanol plant being considered for Kalama. This is a Chinese company that wants to rape our resources, pollute our air, water, and land and ship the end product, the methanol, to them.

From the dirty and devastating fracking of our land, then shipping that volatile oil to refining to methanol at the Northwest Innovation Works plant, to shipping this gas across the oceans is dangerous to us all, our land, waters and air. This company released an environmental impact study that was terribly lacking about the pollution and health issues and impact to our environment. It now has been asked to produce a supplemental environmental impact study.

This plant will pollute 1.2 million cars’ worth to our air with cancer-causing emissions. Another alarm is the million gallons of Columbia River water that they will use daily in operating this plant. The plant will use more gas than all Pacific Northwest cities combined and need massive new fracked gas pipeline expansions. I am against this devastating action. I do not want this happening to me and I don’t want this happening to my people or your people. Please help us in stopping the insanity.

Janet Hedgepath, Vancouver·Yesterday

In a Nov. 17 article published in The Columbian, “Study: Methanol plant better plan for climate” (written by The Daily News), a study was cited that claimed building the proposed Kalama methanol plant was “better” than not building it from a global climate perspective. That is rather like saying a D is better than an F. While the statement is accurate, it ignores the fact that both are bad and undesirable. Perhaps the proposed methanol plant is marginally better than coal-based plants, but both are bad for the environment and contribute to global climate change. One may be “better” but neither is good.

Rather than spend time debating an inadequate comparison, let’s give a final no to the Chinese-owned Northwest Innovation Works methanol plant and use our American know-how and inventiveness to come up with the “best” solution. Let’s use our resources to establish clean energy and sustainable, good-paying jobs. Don’t settle for “better,” demand the best. Attend the public hearing at 6 p.m. Dec. 13 at the Cowlitz County Event Center and tell the officials that the Northwest deserves the best.

Letter: Examine impact of methanol plant

Kristin Edmark, Battle Ground·2018-11-22

The proposed Chinese-backed world’s largest methanol refinery in Kalama would produce up to 2.9 million tons per year of CO2 equivalents, making the refinery emissions second only to the Centralia coal-fired power plant that closes in 2025.

We are now in a comment period on the greenhouse gas Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement. The report ignores or downplays comprehensive studies and underestimates climate impacts. Instead, the report focuses on unsubstantiated simplistic assumptions about global methanol markets, energy commodity prices, Chinese government policy, and U.S.-China trade relations. Real economics is dynamic and not so simple.

The refinery would increase the amount of gas consumed in Washington by more than one-third, encourage fracking, necessitate new pipelines and emit dangerous diesel particulate matter. See for project background, report and comment talking points. See We need to make it clear that we do not want this enormous polluter by coming to the hearing, 6 to 9 p.m. Dec. 13 at the Cowlitz County Event Center.

Letter: Reject Kalama methanol plant

Amber Martinell, Battle Ground·2018-11-21

Please help Washington residents stop Northwest Innovation Works from building the world’s largest fracked gas-to-methanol refinery and export terminal proposed in Kalama along the Columbia River which obligates us to decades of fossil fuel dependency and new pipelines, all for a Chinese government-backed company to make plastics and profits while abusing our natural resources.

This refinery is a bad idea, and we have one last hearing to try and stop this monstrosity, 6 to 9 p.m. Dec. 13 at the Cowlitz County Event Center, 1900 Seventh Ave., Longview (with a rally at 5 p.m.). Please wear red and join us in opposing this refinery.

NWIW successfully lobbied for hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks, including avoiding $143 million in state and local taxes through 2021.

The reasons to oppose it and more information can be found at , at Columbia Riverkeeper and the Sierra Club.

Say “no” to methanol.

Letter: Don’t believe company’s report

Linda Horst, Kelso·2018-11-20

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them” (Albert Einstein).

I hope Northwest Innovation Works reads this quote. According to its new Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement, burning more fossil fuels is good for the climate! They’ve cooked the books by cherry-picking the most favorable studies on fracking and making extremely generous assumptions about China’s future economy. The result? A study concluding that building the world’s largest fracked gas-to-methanol refinery – a facility that will be one of Washington’s single largest sources of greenhouse gas pollution – is a win for the climate.

This is a laughable conclusion. NWIW is in it for the money, not the climate. If they were concerned about the climate, they would be proposing a facility to recycle plastics, not produce more.

Building new fossil fuel export terminals is not how we confront climate change. NWIW is spewing lies. Don’t buy it.